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Case studies

Bank account frozen

If someone finds his bank account has been frozen by the bank without warning or explanation, what should he do and what can he expect to happen?

Alleged possession of criminal property

How our forensic accountant’s expert witness report helped Tony’s solicitors obtain his acquittal on a charge of money laundering involving possession of criminal property.

A confiscation case study – the career fraudster

A confiscation case in which no forensic accountancy evidence was produced by the defence and the defendant received no sympathy from the judge.

Accountant sentenced to 7 years for cheat & fraud

After a 10 week Crown Court trial an accountant has been sentenced to 7 years’ imprisonment on 26 charges of cheating HMRC and defrauding his clients and forging their signatures. I was instructed to advise his defence team on accountancy aspects of the prosecution evidence.

Criminal lifestyle confiscation and output VAT

The Court of Appeal have recently handed down a judgment in the ‘criminal lifestyle’ confiscation case of R v Harvey [2013] EWCA Crim 1104. This was a case in which I had been instructed by the defendant’s solicitors in the confiscation proceedings in the Crown Court.

A book-keeper accused of stealing

Beatrix was a trusted book-keeper accused of stealing over £40,000 from the company she worked for. On instructions from her solicitor we prepared a report which led to matters being resolved without trial by jury.

Confiscation – counts left to lie on the file

In confiscation proceedings counts left to lie on the file may have unwelcome implications which had not been foreseen by the defendant and his legal team at an earlier stage. What are these implications?

Mortgage fraud – but by whom?

Ted Kelly was no stranger to the inside of a police station or the Crown Court dock. He had had many brushes with the law, but being charged with financial crime was a new experience. Certainly the building society had been deceived – but who was guilty? A case study providing food for thought for both lawyers and accountants.

Criminal lifestyle confiscation – a case study

A forensic accountant’s case study about a criminal lifestyle confiscation under PoCA 2002 in which I was involved, the defendant’s benefit and available amount

A club treasurer called to account for the money

A case study in which I was instructed by the defence solicitors regarding a club treasurer accused of theft and fraud, who was ultimately found not guilty.